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Mid-Michigan Dental baseball wins championship!

Our Mid-Michigan Dental baseball team won the Major league championships for the second year in a row in Owosso Youth Baseball (www.owossoyouthbaseball.com).

Great job boys!!  Way to finish off a 12-0 perfect season with a sweep through the playoffs!

The Champs!


Noah making contact!

Carson closing it out!



Logan getting a hit!


Landon visits!

Little Landon visits Grandma Dawn who works at the front desk.  Super cute baby!

Happy baby!

Not too sure!!!

Definitely sad!!!

Grandma had to take him back…..  LOL!!  #lovebabies

Tooth Decay and Nutrition

One of the most common questions that we encounter on a day to day basis in our Preventive Dentistry program is usually related to why our patients develop cavities.   Often we hear something along the line “I have really soft teeth” or “My parents both had horrible teeth so I must be destined to have horrible teeth.”  Although genetics does play a factor in development of tooth decay, it can be argued that it is not the primary driving force. 

To develop a cavity all three of the following must be present.

Teeth.  Without a tooth you cannot develop decay.

Bacteria. Bacteria in our mouths are the principle source for acid production. This acid is what causes the teeth to demineralize and initiate the decay process.

Sugar. Sugars, both complex and refined, will provide fuel for the bacteria in our mouths to live and thrive. Without sugar as an energy source the bacteria cannot produce acid. Simple sugars such as high fructose corn syrup that we find in most soda pops and energy drinks are the ones that are most easily metabolized and are a ready source for energy for the bacteria.

I would like to elaborate a little on how the dynamics between these three essentials for tooth decay operate. 

Most people see teeth and imagine teeth as being something that is hard. Rock solid. Teeth are very different from its organic counterparts rocks and wood. On a chemical level enamel is a crystalline structure that has a space in the center for a calcium ion. This is a very strong bond but acid can break this bond and cause the calcium ion to separate from the crystal substructure. Calcium can be lost and replenished in [...]

Merry Christmas



As the holiday season approaches we wanted to take the opportunity to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. The holiday season is usually a time for family and gathering together with the ones we love. Take this opportunity to appreciate your friends, family and loved ones.

This Christmas season also marks our tenth year in our new facility and we have been truly blessed to have wonderful patients and staff over the last ten years. We look forward to the new year and wish you the best for the upcoming year.

Dr Jafri, Laura Jafri and the staff at Mid-Michigan Dental

Great Shape! Inc. Mission Whitehouse, Jamaica

We had another successful mission trip to Jamaica with Great Shape! Inc.  Papa Joe and his staff did a wonderful job of organizing the trip and we were able to take a total of 13 volunteers this year.  Our location was Whitehouse, Jamaica which is a small fishing village on the southwest side of the island.

We were able to see approximately 300 patients this year.  Once again Dr. Terry Wang from Auburn, Maine joined us to help with his oral surgery skills.  We extracted approximately 400 teeth, filled 50 and cleaned 75.  The patients would line up at 1:00AM daily to try to get an appointment for that day.

Here is a video that shows the clinic environment.

Dr. Jafri

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Jamaica Mission – Shakire Thompson

Shakire Thompson

The story of Shakire Thompson is one of national news in Jamaica.  She is a young girl from Kingston who had defective enamel and Kerlyn Brown was looking for a solution for her.  Great Shape, Inc. responded and provided much needed treatment for her smile.

Dr. Harvey Arnce fabricated four crowns for Shakire and I had the honor of finishing her case.  The video from Inspire Jamaica is embedded below.



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Great Shape Jamaica

Our office will be embarking on a life changing adventure in less than two weeks.  We will be leaving for Montego Bay, Jamaica to work with the organization Great Shape Jamaica to deliver dental care to the underprivileged in rural Jamaica.  We will be working in the mountain towns Maroon Town, Mafoota and Chatham.  These MASH type clinics will deliver over $3,000,000 of free dentistry over a 10 week period.  Our team will be there for one week.  We will keep you updated.

Kelli, Jennifer, Janet, Julie, Carol and Angie will be accompanying us on this trip.  Thank you for everyone’s support.

New! Access your Account On-line

Click on the links below to access your account.  Once you have established a secure login you will be able to check balances on account and look for future appointments.  New patients can fill out paperwork online and existing patients can update their paperwork as well.  Check out these new features.



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Points of Light

Did you know that all children should have their first dental visit by the age of one?  Most people don’t realize this.  Watch the video below to learn more about Points of Light and our mission.

Normal TMJ vs. Disc Displacement

Clicking or popping in your jaw joint? Pain on opening or closing? Did you know that many TMJ problems can be avoided or treated? If you are experiencing jaw pain or clicking and popping please let us know. We would love to help you resolve your TMJ pain issues.

The following videos show a normal TMJ and one one with an anteriorly displaced disc.